Why Youth?

About Us

Mental 360 is a youth driven and youth focused organization that exists to
promote mental health by raising awareness, creating support systems and
advocacy for youth experiencing mental health challenges.

We do this through awareness campaigns, counselling, art therapy, yoga, social media engagement and events. In the long run this effort will help reduce suicide rate, promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce stigma around mental illness

Core Values

Dynamic Brotherhood/ Sisterhood
Service to others

Why Youth?

In East Africa there are only 79 working psychiatrists, about 1 for every 500,000. Moreover, awareness on mental health is very low with about 10% of the population seeking professional assistance. In developing countries 70%-80% of those affected receive either ineffective treatment or no treatment at all. Most seek out traditional healers known as “waganga” or religious leaders.

Youth form 67% of the Kenyan population and suicide is the second leading cause of death among the youth, rising by 58% in the last decade. These deaths are linked to mental illness occasioned by several stress factors young people face. With high underemployment and unemployment rates among youth in Kenya, majority cannot afford mental health care.