Behind That Smile

By Estra Caleche Mully
Behind that smile lies hurricanes
No one can guess
Everyone tells me I’m  bad
Not knowing of the monsters
Hiding deep inside my head
They just can’t see
How the monster has gradually grown inside me
Because I have known to tame even the world’s worst ocean tides
My solitude comfort is in words
When tragedies traverse
I fain with paper and quill
Dipping them in ink
In ways so amicable
At times i get confused
What betrays me more?
My dreams? My eyes?
I feel empty
At the same time, I feel it’s a nuisance
It’s a nuisance to carry this emptiness in me
And so I  wish,
To fill it with the “It shall be okay” thoughts
But for how long?
I fight every day,  every night
Again and again with myself
Shedding droplets of pain each time
Words and tears rhymed
both combined to form couplets in time
I see magic
Through my tearful tragic
And it’s through this
That I’ve mastered that art
That art of forming high verses of poetic songs
Patiently Holding onto the scary night

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