Author-Jeremy Mwambu Your fresh attire and cologne cannot help but draw the attention of the passersby on the sidewalks of Nairobi CBD, prompting them to steal a glance at the person who just walked by. The mama mboga (grocery business lady vendor) is also surprised on who you’re going to meet. The lady you’ve reserved

Mocha Musings, Espresso Expressions: 

Most if not all of my mornings usually start with a nice warm shower, loud gengetone music that I can practise my lame dance moves to and a cup of Kenyan coffee (milk and sugar depending on the day).  Wait a minute. Did I say cup? I meant a huge mug of coffee. I love

Moments from Skoll and the UK

I was invited to represent Mental 360 at the Skoll World Forum 2023 in Oxford UK through our partnership with the Segal Family Foundation. I was set to participate as a delegate and also sit on a panel to discuss mental health funding in Africa. For me this was a massive opportunity as in-person attendance

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