Explaining Why I Write

Explaining why I write… and am like;
I write for the many that are battling with thoughts that don’t seem to give them peace
The many that are slowly dying in silence but their failure is screaming out loud
I write for the many that are bound in chains that seem not to ever break
The many that have those voices in their heads tormenting them every night
I write for those who stay up late till 01:00 AM breaking down after pulling off the mask of perfection
At 02:00 AM when the depression kicks in and anxiety hold them captive
I write for those whose voices can’t penetrate through the pillows they hug so tight flooding with tears because words then seem meaningless
I write for those who are still awake at 03:00 AM
When Insomnia dips them in the bowl of frustrations
The ones who can’t sleep at 04:00 AM because the voices are now screaming out loud
The demons are then dancing on her kitchen table playing the sad songs she learnt in her childhood
I write for those whose voices are silenced and their throats are slit
I am one of those people
I write and write for as long as I breathe
I will write until these words drag me to my grave
I know that I may not be amongst your best poets
But at least am amongst the sad ones you know.
I try so much that the saddest word you know won’t be my name
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