I Didn’t Say I Love You Today

Because you are hearing it from someone else..
And I wish that could be me for just a little longer..
Happy Valentine’s day to the many or few who don’t find meaning in the word..
To the many who had their hearts broken..
To those who will have to watch the one they love in love with someone else..
Celebrating and living their life..
Happy Valentine’s day to the ladies out there doubting their strength..
You are beautiful..
And worth to be loved..
Even if no one tells you this run to the mirror and remind you this..
Happy Valentine’s day to the man out there with a bent hurt because every Lady keeps curving you..
You are handsome..
And you deserve to be loved..
Happy Valentine’s day to those still trying to keep their shits together..
Keep holding on..
That one day.
Love will turn the lights on..
And you will dance to the tune of the heartbeat.
Everyone deserves to be loved.
Because we are all worth it..
Emily Millern

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