Nairobi Festival to shed light on mental health

Cradle Arts Festival 2019

Discussions around mental health are quite important and it’s a good thing the creative scene is driving the conversation further. 

Mental 360 and Headspace254 bring you the Cradle Arts Festival 2019 to be held at the Lava Latte, 209 State House Road, Nairobi on Saturday, October 26. The installation is a multi-dimensional initiative that aims to give artists a platform to shed light on mental health through art, fashion, dance and poetry.

Showing at this year’s event will be the internationally-acclaimed play “Every Brilliant Thing” performed by Mugambi.

⁣The festival that will kick off at 10am-7 pm will include a  line-up comprising of interesting acts such as Taio, Rixpoet, Niuru, Collo, Silayio, Mizizi Afriqa, Naitiemu and Dj Euphorique among others.

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