Our Model

Putting people with lived experiences at the center of the interventions.

How it Works

The M360 Method - Peer-Based Intervention Model

The image visually represents our Peer-Based Intervention Model, illustrating the cyclical journey from being at-risk to becoming resilient mental health champions (Rafikis). It emphasizes the critical role of peer support and professional intervention in our approach

The 360 Model

Our Peer-Based Intervention Model at Mental 360 is designed to transform at-risk youth into resilient mental health champions through a structured four-step process:

This cyclical process not only helps individuals at risk but also empowers them to support others, fostering a community of resilience and mental wellness.

Science Behind It

Our psychosocial support services are targeted for at-risk youth aged 18-35 but are not limited to this community. Sessions are conducted at our offices or in our community wellness centres. Support is offered on a tiered model and if free for vulnerable and economically challenged groups.

Our helpline is open weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM, we seek to make this a 24/7 service soon with sufficient resources. Want to support this? 

The Science

The Peer-Based Intervention Model employed by Mental 360 is underpinned by robust scientific evidence, highlighting its effectiveness in mitigating mental health challenges. Our model is designed to leverage peer support to enhance mental health outcomes, and it is supported by the following key findings:

By integrating these evidence-based principles, Mental 360’s Peer-Based Intervention Model ensures that our approach is both effective and impactful, helping to foster resilient communities through peer support.