Mental Health Support Systems

(Therapy, Psychosocial support and Referral Services)

Helpline Number: +254 710 360 360

Mental 360 provides on demand intervention for persons experiencing mental health challenges via a helpline number. We offer crisis psychological first  aid,scheduling for either physical or virtual sessions and referral and linkages. Mental 360 also offers psychosocial support services through mental health talks and debriefing sessions.

Mental Health Awareness and


Cradle Arts festival, Boma Wellness Clubs, Time to talk caravan, Community Wellness Centres

Mental 360 employs the use of art and experiential learning as powerful tools for awareness creation. This is done in wellness events, TV and radio shows, social media platforms, training and art events in the community.

For community engagement we use a Rafiki (peer) model to train in order to help build capacity and provide user led psychosocial support at scale.

Research and Development – Growth Plan

Mental 360 has entered a growth phase that necessitates a digital shift. This was the outcome of feedback from our community over different programmatic  areas. Boma wellness app, a mobile and web based platform was co-created with our community to respond to their needs and operationalize our approach at scale. The Boma platform emerged among the top 3 growth plan ideas for the Facebook Accelerator Program 2020.

Policy and Advocacy

Mental 360 is at the forefront of advocacy for policy changes and updates recently participating in the Mental Health Amendment Bill 2018. This bill was signed into law and culminated in the formation of a Mental Health Taskforce that engaged Kenyans and came up with a report on the direction the Mental Health implementation framework should be deployed. Mental 360 is keen on pushing for implementation of the new law and decriminalization of suicide.

Economic empowerment for persons with mental disability- building resilience, support groups, promoting financial independence.

An important part of our work with persons with lived experience of mental disability has been to empower them to be self sustainable financially. Lack of gainful employment is a driver for stigmatisation and a sense of hopelessness for persons with mental illness, this in turn increases their likelihood to encounter episodes depending on their disabilities. With independence then they can afford treatment, reduce stigma and increase their resilience.

Sustainability – Business development

( Resource Mobilisation, Partnerships, Scaling)

Mental 360 has a resource mobilisation strategy that includes a sustainable business plan that is driving the organisation to reduce donor dependency by 60% by 2033. The organisation provides mental health services to persons across the socioeconomic spectrum thus is able to generate revenues from those who can afford to pay. Our growth plan seeks to reduce donor dependency to 0% when fully operationalised.

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