Our Programs

Our 1. Project Oasis – “Safe Spaces”.

Talk Therapy

Need Talk Therapy/ Counseling? Call us on 0776543099 we offer affordable to free solutions to youth between 15- 35 years of age. Our therapists are young, relatable and professional.

Awareness Talks

We conduct panel talks and discussions in communities, high schools, colleges and work spaces. These talks introduce the topic of mental health/illness, causes, symptoms, emotional intelligence and referral pathways for help.

Free Up Clubs (Schools)

Free up clubs are mental health clubs created in high schools and campus. Mental 360 targets young people aged between 13 years and 22 years to join our FREE UP Mental 360 clubs in Secondary Schools and Universities. This club serves as a safe space for topical mental health learning, open discussions, social support systems, communication channel and a referral pathway.  We believe that working with young people will not only address the mental health crisis in the country but mitigate losses as a result of student unrest and enhance overall productivity, health and wellness towards attaining Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Our 2. Awareness.

Social Media I

Social Media

The internet penetration in Kenya is at 90% with the number of users standing at 51.1 million according to Communications Authority of Kenya. This means that these platforms are an effective channel for carrying out massive campaigns. Our social media platforms are interactive hubs for access to information and connection to professional care. We run a hashtag, #TimetoTalk.

Physical wellness (Yoga and meditation, Dance, Boxercise)

The benefits of regular exercise include increase in body awareness, relieving stress, reduced muscle tension, strain and inflammation, sharpened attention and concentration, and calming of the central nervous system. Physical wellness is therefore key to good mental health. This program offers physical wellness classes in Yoga, Dance, Boxercise and meditation. Additionally, a hike is organized 3 times a year. All sessions are followed by a 30-minute open discussion led by a counselor.

Arts Festival

Mental 360 utilizes art as the main tool in awareness creation. The annual Arts Festival is a multi-pronged approach that not only provides a platform for young artistes to showcase their talent and grow their presence but is also an effective way of shining the spotlight on mental health/illness. The festival is a three-day fast-paced buzz of activity covering the arts industry in Kenya and beyond, showcasing a variety of art pieces ranging from drawings, music and poetry, film, drama, artefacts etc.


This a nationwide campaign that moves from one county to another until all 47 counties are covered. The aim of the Caravan is to ignite conversations among communities about mental health and mental illnesses. We believe the solutions to each community’s challenges lie within the community. Therefore, the Caravan facilitates the beginning of the conversations and affords the people the opportunity to break the silence and chart a way forward.