The Rafiki Model

Our goal is to ensure every Kenyan has access to a Rafiki.

Rafikis are youth with lived experience whom we engage through training, psychosocial support, and socio-economic empowerment to be mental health ambassadors within their communities.

Why The Rafikis

To become a Rafiki, individuals undergo comprehensive training in the Rafiki Model, equipping them with fundamental mental health concepts and practical support techniques. Rafikis are community peer mental health champions who provide invaluable support, fostering resilience and well-being among their peers.

Why Rafikis Matter

Kenya faces a critical shortage of mental health professionals, with only 116 psychiatrists serving a population of 50 million. This severe imbalance creates an urgent need for alternative models of mental health support.

Vision For The Future

Our vision is ambitious: we foresee a future where every Kenyan has access to a Rafiki. By decentralizing mental health education and support, we aim to create a society where mental health challenges are met with understanding, compassion, and effective intervention at the grassroots.

Nakujali Rafikis

Kibera Rafikis

Become A Rafiki

Join us as a Rafiki and become a beacon of hope for those navigating mental health challenges! As a Rafiki, you’ll undergo specialized training to become a peer support champion within your community. By sharing your own lived experiences and offering compassionate support to others, you’ll play a crucial role in breaking down stigma, promoting open conversations, and fostering resilience among youth. Together, we’ll empower individuals to seek help, access resources, and build a supportive network of friends. Join the Rafiki family today and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others!”